Celebration Time

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Acclaim is celebrating its tenth anniversary as a provider of high quality trust and corporate services.

10 years ago, Directors and Founders Brian and Lynsey had a vision for the business; to carefully grow whilst always maintaining the personal and professional client service and response times which separate it from others.

Brian said, “Over the past decade we’ve succeeded in achieving what we set out to do, and will continue to retain our core values as Acclaim moves forward and continues to grow”.

Lynsey went on to say, “Our clients benefit from knowing that they are able to speak to a director immediately, and our team value the importance of efficiency and coping with demands and pressure professionally. Our close working relationships with our clients allow us to build a detailed picture of their needs and enable us to carefully tailor our offering whilst ensuring security is paramount”.

Fellow Director Martin continued, “As time goes on, our offering has become more varied, and we have had capacity to explore new opportunities such as our successful egaming services business which thrives due to the personal service we are able to offer”.

The appointment of Managing Director Sandra Georgeson in November 2016 has enhanced Acclaim’s offering as it’s benefited from her years of experience within the same sector and passion for client service.

Thanking the Acclaim team, Sandra said, “We believe the Isle of Man is strong and resilient, with a supportive Government encouraging business and private sector to achieve success and long-term growth together”.

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