The concept of a trust is an arrangement whereby legal ownership of property is transferred from one person (the Settlor) to another person (the Trustee) who holds the property for the benefit of specific people (the Beneficiaries). A Trust Deed sets out the terms and conditions under which the Trustees hold the trust assets. It also outlines the rights of the Beneficiaries.

The property transferred to a trust can include anything that is capable of being transferred such as shares, money, land or real estate. The Settlor can be an individual or a company.

Trusts are often used by those wishing to protect and maximise their assets, simplify the management of their assets and their overall estate, to protect the beneficiaries’ interests and to manage their tax affairs efficiently. A trust is a well established equitable arrangement which does not have to be recorded in any public register. Its terms therefore remain confidential to third parties.

Typical uses for trusts include:

Estate Planning
Tax management
Preserving family wealth
Avoiding expense and disruption on death
Avoiding forced heirship
Asset Protection
Continuing the family business
Employee Benefits

Services we provide include:

Trust establishment and administration
A well-respected corporate trustee
Experienced practitioners to administer your structure and ensure its legal and tax status is maintained
Dedicated accounting and financial reporting